Friday, May 28, 2010

The Story of How I Got Here

I was walking through the cornfield,
So very late at night.
What lured me out there, I don't know,
But in the sky there was a light.

I gazed up and squinted,
For what was brighter than the stars,
Came zooming down upon me
Like a UFO from Mars.

And in fact, it was indeed
A thing from another planet.
Such a ship, I'd never seen.
I prayed they wouldn't land it.

But, land it did, and with a thud
That shook the very Earth,
The cornstalks shuddered in the field
And gave it a wide berth.

My head was screaming, "Run away!"
Insisting that I split.
Alas, my legs would not obey,
And dread did fill my stomach's pit.

The spaceship door flew open
And much to my surprise,
There stood a figure three feet tall
With huge obsidian eyes!

Flanked by two more aliens
Who never broke their gaze,
Determined was their purpose
As they glided through the haze.

Then I, before I knew it
Was aboard the flying saucer.
Then after that, the world went black
As space as we flew across her.

I don't remember much,
Just that i woke up in this cage.
Outside it stands a plague on which
"Earth Creature" is engraved.

If you don't believe me,
I'll insist my story's true!
I read this poem everyday
To tourists at the zoo.

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